Parenting classes are offered to clients who are pregnant or have children two years of age and younger. Our “Earn While You Learn” Curriculum begins with conception, covering all nine months of pregnancy and infancy up to age of three. Most lessons take about an hour to complete with a DVD to watch and homework to take home and complete on your own. When mommies and daddies attend class and do the homework you will earn Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars. With your Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars you can go shopping in our Mommy Mall for baby items. Call our office 229-890-5244 to schedule your appointment for EWYL.

Bible study classes. Bible study is another way clients can earn mommy money and daddy dollars. Bible study is offered on Thursday mornings at 10AM here in the Pregnancy Care Center. Please call 229-890-5244 for more details.