Unplanned Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy is a life changing event. Many women in this situation find themselves facing huge waves of varying emotions. Among the most frequent are disbelief and even shock. For couples who already have a young child or children, an unplanned pregnancy can result in feeling overwhelmed and at a loss as to how they’ll  manage another child.

Newly expecting mothers not only worry about finances but housing and space considerations as well. They worry about how they will manage the time and energy it takes to care for a new baby. If you’re in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy you don’t have to go it alone. Hope House Pregnancy Care Center is here to help.

It’s important for unexpectedly pregnant women to know that almost all women experience mixed feelings about pregnancy — even when the pregnancy is carefully planned. Pregnancy is a monumental physical, psychological and emotional experience whatever the circumstances surrounding it are, and it always takes time to adjust to the identity shift taking place in becoming a mother.