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Free & Confidential Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing

For many women the first pregnancy symptom is usually a missed period. You may have other pregnancy symptoms as well. Pregnancy tests are usually good at the minimum on the first day that you miss your period. We offer FREE & Confidential Pregnancy Testing.

Parenting Classes & Resources

 Parenting Classes & Resources

Pregnancy and Parenthood can be challenging. We offer Parenting Classes for women and men to help them learn more about healthy parenting.

Adoption Assistance & Resources

Adoption Resources

Adoption can also be a difficult choice, but for women and men who are not prepared to parent, it can be the best choice for them and the child.

Abortion Education & Resources

Abortion Alternatives

Abortion may seem like the quickest option, but there are serious physical and psychological risks that must be considered. The decision is yours, but you are not alone. We provide Abortion Education  and other resources to assist you in making an informed decision. You’ll leave our facility feeling confident, encouraged, and informed about your pregnancy decision