The option of adoption may have crossed your mind. How does adoption work? Is it permanent? What’s the best option if I am a single parent? These are all valid questions that need to be answered before moving forward with your decision. Take a breath – and know you are not alone.

How does Adoption Work?

Motherhood doesn’t always look like parenting. Life can get tricky and adoption could be the perfect fit for you. The process of adoption has drastically changed over the years with the birth mom being in complete control now.

Open adoption is the most popular type of adoption, where the birth mom decides where she places her baby with. This could be with friends, relatives, or someone she trusts. She also chooses how she wants to keep in contact with her child, if at all. 

Some women also use an adoption agency. With this process, it’s the agency’s responsibility to locate possible adoptive families and handle legal requirements. No reputable lawyer or agency will require anything financially from the birth mom.

Picking A Family

It can be hard to imagine your child with another family – but know you have access to many adoptive families, ready to adopt. There is a lengthy process for each adoptive family to go through to get approved. Some steps include criminal and abuse background checks, home studies, and a questionnaire taken that talks about hobbies, religion, income, education, photos of family, etc.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

We know this decision can feel weighty at times – but think over your adoption options carefully and as best as you can. There are multiple flexible adoption plans to choose from. 

Our team at Hope House Women’s Clinic is here to help you understand more about this pregnancy option. Talk to us today to get answers about adoption and what’s your next step. 

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