Abortion – maybe you’re considering this option as you face an unexpected pregnancy. Before making up your mind, you should know how it works and what the risks are. Each step you take in this journey makes an impact on your life moving forward – so it’s important to know what you’re walking into.

Medical/Chemical Abortion

Also known as “the abortion pill” option, medical/chemical abortion involves taking two different drugs to end a pregnancy. Non-surgical abortion is only available for women who are up to 14 weeks pregnant (confirmed by ultrasound).

Mifepristone (the first pill) blocks the womb from absorbing progesterone pregnancy hormone, causing the lining of the uterus to thin and prevent the embryo from implanting/growing. Misoprostol (the second pill) makes the uterus contract and expels the fetus and placenta. 

Potential (physical) risks of medical abortion:

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Allergic reaction to the medications
  • Painful cramping
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Infection
  • Heavy bleeding

*After detecting a human heartbeat (typically around 6 weeks), abortion is limited to circumstances involving a medical emergency, medical futile pregnancy, or rape or incest where a police report has been filed.

Surgical Abortion

The process of a surgical abortion is more invasive than medication abortion, as surgery is done to remove the contents of the pregnancy through the vagina. Doctors will use Anesthesia and surgical tools to dilate the cervix, remove the pregnancy, and clear the uterus.

Potential (physical) risks of surgical abortion*:

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Pelvic infection
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Torn cervix
  • Weakened cervix
  • Perforated uterus
  • Anesthesia-related complications

*Limited to circumstances involving medical emergency, medically futile pregnancy, or rape or incest where a police report has been filed.

The Emotional Side of Abortion:

Every woman may have a unique emotional experience before and after an abortion. It’s common for women to experience a mix of positive and negative emotions following the procedure. For some, these feelings dissipate quickly, while for others, they may persist for a very long time. Emotions can range from emptiness and guilt to sadness. A woman might also question whether or not she made the right decision. While some may feel relief that the decision has been made and the procedure is complete, others may grapple with anger over having to make such a choice.

We Can Help.

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