I Don’t Want To Be Pregnant. Is Abortion My Only Option?

We know how scary an unexpected pregnancy can feel. You may feel out of control and pressured by those around you. Remember, the decision regarding your pregnancy is completely up to you. You have options.

Your Options

Abortion doesn’t have to be your only option regarding your unexpected pregnancy. You deserve the facts and to be informed about your other two options: adoption and parenting.

1. Adoption

Adoption in today’s day and age has drastically improved! Birth mothers can have a voice in the process and choose which type of plan works best for their lifestyle and their child’s future.

Types of Adoption Plans

There are three types of adoptions: open, closed, and semi-open. With open adoption, the birth mom decides where she places her child, whether with relatives, friends, or someone else she trusts. 

The birth mom decides what kind of contact she will have with her child and the adoptive parents. If you are at risk of having your children taken away by child protective services, open adoption allows you to have a relationship with your child still.

With a closed adoption, the birth mom and adoptive parents have little to no contact, and all identifying information (including names or contact information) is kept private. This is an excellent option if the child’s safety is at risk and the birth mother wants closure. 

Lastly, there is semi-open adoption. Though this adoption type is less common, it combines open and closed adoption. Semi-open adoption allows contact with the adoptive family and the child, with all communication made going through a third party or adoption agency. All identifying information is kept private.

2. Parenting

Parenting may seem like the most overwhelming option as it comes with much responsibility. You probably have lots of questions, like:

  • Do I have what it takes to parent?
  • How do I take care of a newborn?
  • How will I support a child financially?
  • Who will support me emotionally and physically?
  • Can I stay in school or continue working if I parent?
  • What if my partner doesn’t agree to parent with me?

It’s easy to disqualify yourself when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, but every pregnancy decision has challenges. You are not alone. You may be able to do parenting well with local resources and support.

Free Material Support

At The Hope House Women’s Clinic, we provide a support program called BrightCourse. The goal is to walk alongside new mothers until their child turns three years old, helping the mother raise a healthy child. 

Call us today to find out more about how to receive material support, as well as learn about what option could be best for you. Talk in a safe and non-judgmental space today.