Is Adoption or Abortion Right for Me?

You are the only one who can decide the outcome of your pregnancy. You are taking an excellent first step towards a decision you feel confident about by asking questions about your options.


Adoption can be a wonderful option for women that don’t want an abortion but aren’t ready to parent. This option is not always easy, but many women feel it is rewarding to know their child is raised in a loving environment. 

Birth mothers today have more options than women in the past. Now, you can choose the adoptive parents that will raise your child and how much contact you would like with them after the adoption is complete.

There are three types of adoption to consider:

  • Open: In an open adoption, you share all your information with the family that adopts your child. Together you decide how much contact is best.
  • Semi-open: Maybe you want to hear from your child and their adoptive family occasionally, but you are uncomfortable sharing your contact information. In a semi-open adoption, communication with your child will occur through a third-party service like an adoption agency or an adoption attorney.
  • Closed adoption: Sometimes, a birth mother doesn’t want contact with the child or their adoptive family. Closed adoption offers the privacy they want while still knowing their child is alive. In a closed adoption, a birth mother’s information is sealed.


There are two types of abortion, medical and surgical. These procedures have some risks in common but differ significantly in how they are performed.

Medical abortion is a procedure that uses two drugs to end the pregnancy and expel it from a woman’s body through her vagina. The first drug is usually given at a provider’s office, while the second is taken within 48 hours, usually at home. This type of abortion is only approved in pregnancies up to 10 weeks. 

A surgical abortion is an outpatient procedure performed at a medical facility. The provider opens the cervix (the opening of the uterus) and removes the pregnancy using suction and surgical tools.

Before choosing which abortion procedure is best, a woman needs to have an ultrasound to determine if the pregnancy is growing, find out how long she has been pregnant, and learn where the pregnancy is growing. This information can change the options that she is eligible for. 

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