Do I Have to Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion?

Maybe you have questions about your pregnancy options, but you haven’t felt confident to explore them with your partner.

Though your partner may be set on abortion, it doesn’t mean you have to be. After all, this decision is yours and yours alone. You deserve the facts about all available options. We can help inform you.

Consider Your Doubts

You know yourself best. If you are having doubts about abortion, don’t be afraid to ask for education about your other options.

Maybe abortion risks and side effects seem too risky to you. You don’t want to have regrets about such a significant life decision.

You Have the Final Word

No matter how much pressure your partner puts on you, you have the final say in a pregnancy decision. It’s not okay for your partner to pressure you into a medical decision you don’t want or aren’t sure about.

Explore Your Options

You have three pregnancy options to consider:

1. Abortion

The two types of abortion are surgical and medical. Each abortion procedure terminates pregnancy either through medication or a surgical procedure. Abortion comes with many physical and emotional risks and side effects you should be aware of.

2. Making an Adoption Plan

The three types of adoption plans are open, closed, or semi-open. The type you choose depends on how much contact you desire to have with your child and the adoptive parents. These days, the birth mom has the final say on many aspects of the adoption journey, like who will raise her child.

3. Parenting

Parenting can seem like a lot. Though it’s hard work, it is very rewarding. People are willing to help and support you along the way. We can help you with no-cost resources and support so you can parent well.

Be Heard & Informed

At Hope House Women’s Clinic, we create a space for you to be heard concerning your doubts and concerns about your pregnancy. Explore all your options with our safe and non-judgmental staff.

Our caring staff provides clarity and education so you can make an informed decision. Schedule an appointment to get the support and encouragement you need.